At Upsilon Global, we are aware of the challenges faced by small CROs when competing against larger organisations at bid-defence stage, and to help, we have developed a model to enable our CRO partners to obtain access to studies that were previously out-of-reach to them.
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Hybrid recruitment consultancy and CRO

How Our
Model Works


Based on the specifics of your sponsor’s request for proposal (RFP), we help you identify the best strategy for increasing your chances of success.


We help you identify a therapeutically-aligned and geographically-focused multi-country study team for use throughout the bid process. We ensure each expert has the specific therapeutic experience, expertise in the local regulatory laws, existing PI/KOL contacts and, most importantly, speaks the native language.


Our bid-defence model guarantees no cost whilst allowing you to increase your proposals pipeline and chances of success. We act as a virtual extension of your CRO and allow you to conduct trials internationally without the fixed overheads, costs or multiple lines of communication that frequently come with using partner CROs.

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