The Upsilon Academy was launched in 2021 and has been designed to offer an enjoyable and rewarding route into recruitment, combining both theory and practice at the highest level.

Our structured programme covers all aspects of recruitment in this fast-paced and ever-changing industry.

Our mission is to provide our employees with all the skills and tools needed to forge a successful career in recruitment at Upsilon Global, where they will work with some of the world’s most exciting pharmaceutical companies, supporting them as they develop ground-breaking medicines and technologies to improve people’s lives across the world.

The Upsilon Academy offers the chance to embark on an entirely new career, with extensive long-term prospects for growth and career progression as well as fantastic earning potential. Potential employees are welcomed from all backgrounds. The programme has been successfully completed by people with Master’s degrees and fluency in three languages, as well as people who left school with no qualifications, having no idea what they wanted to do with their lives.

Our Academy programme offers:

A 6-month intensive academy training programme with our highly experienced and dedicated in-house trainer

The opportunity to train and learn in a completely new and highly rewarding career

Competitive basic salaries and truly 'life-changing’ earning potential for those that graduate from the academy and on to the sales floor

Ability to work with and learn from a vastly experienced management team

Fast-paced, fun environment, where you can expect smart, motivated, hardworking and competitive co-workers

Frequent incentives - Early finish on Fridays, Director’s lunches, trips abroad, European travel for conferences and meetings with extended stay to take in the sights

Clear and structured career development and progression plan throughout your career

Recruitment is a highly rewarding career, financially, professionally and personally and it’s something that anyone can do if they put their mind to it. At Upsilon, we pride ourselves in our ability to train and develop people into successful recruiters and, the best thing is, it doesn’t matter who you are what you’ve been doing before. All that matters to us is who you want to be, what you are prepared to put in and how far you want to go!

What we need from you.

A willingness to challenge yourself and leave your comfort zone.

Drive, determination and a competitive nature.

An absolute determination to succeed with a 'can do’ attitude.

An understanding that to learn, you must make mistakes.

A highly resilient nature.

If you’re interested in joining our Academy programme then get in touch with our Sales Director, Zac Beda today!

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