Whether on an interim, fixed-term or permanent basis, Upsilon Global will help you attract the best talent when you need it.

Our dedicated and experienced team of recruiters will help you identify the specific talent your company needs, when you need it. Whether on an interim, fixed-term or permanent basis, our aim is to help you attract the best talent as quickly as possible.

We can also provide immediate support for temporary situations, such as sickness leave, maternity cover or resignations.

Site and study rescue - 48 hour resourcing

Sometimes clinical studies run into trouble. Key people may be absent through sickness, maternity leave or even resign from your organisation. All the while, your study must continue to deliver.

Upsilon Global work with you in confidence, to provide replacement CRAs and study management teams to take over trials when required. We provide replacement CRAs within 48 hours of receiving requests, minimising lost time and expense.

Freelance support and contactors

Whether you need someone for three months or for three years, Upsilon Global can provide local freelance support. For those times when a specific skillset for a particular project is required, we can provide a trusted and approved contractor for the duration of your study, based on the therapeutic, geographical and budgetary requirements of the project.

All of our experts are qualified, verified and fully compliant, and can be provided on either a ‘time & materials’ or ‘unit-based’ model, to mirror the costing model of your project.


Upsilon Global can support your recruitment needs at all levels, whether we are helping you transition to a permanent workforce or you need our experience to identify specific new hires on a permanent basis.

–  Identifying key personnel to optimise operational excellence.
–  Managing growth and expansion campaigns.
–  Building bespoke teams.

We can also help to reduce financial spend by distributing the costs over an agreed period of time.

Get in touch to see how Upsilon Global can build a long-term, reciprocal and successful collaboration with your organisation.

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