As there’s currently no standard quality measuring tool to assess a candidate’s skills and suitability for a position, “guaranteeing quality” is one of the biggest challenges we face. Therefor to mitigate this risk, we have strict compliance SOPs when registering and onboarding new contractors.

All contractors must provide:

  • Valid personal ID/Passport – Right to Work
  • Company registration certificate
  • VAT certificate (if applicable)
  • Insurance documents (Professional Liability and Public Indemnity)
  • Academic and Medical certificates
  • ICH-GCP certificate
  • CRA certification (if applicable)
  • 3 endorsements from previous managers
  • Bank details

All permanent candidates must provide:

  • Valid personal ID/Passport – Right to Work
  • Academic and Medical certificates
  • ICH-GCP certificate
  • CRA certification (if applicable)
  • 3 endorsements from previous managers

We conduct routine audits to ensure all contractors are UG compliant and that all documents are up-to-date and securely logged in our CRM. Working in this way helps us to offer greater peace of mind to all our partners when conducting recruitment searches.

Freelancers are a fantastic tool for any business when used correctly, providing a flexible and often much-needed solution to an unforeseen issue or temporary skills gap, allowing operations to continue as quickly and smoothly as possible whilst minimising any unnecessary delays.

As every study is unique, freelancers are selected based on the specific needs of your programme, be it location, experience or budget, and there are many costing solutions available to match the financial make-up of your project, such as;

  • Time and materials
  • Unit-based model
  • Fixed fee-per-activity

Tailoring both our search and pricing strategy to your specific needs enables us to provide the right solution at the right price point, allowing your study to continue as smoothly as possible.

We acknowledge that no matter what size your study is, budgeting will always be a crucial factor. We work in partnership with cash-rich biotechs on big-budget studies, as well as academic institutes and investigator-led programmes where the budgets are a little more restricted, but we always aim to provide a cost-effective solution that’s right for each individual programme.

We can advise on local costs for most countries across the world, as well as propose different pricing models to help you achieve maximum return on investment from candidates. Or we can simply provide you with a rate card, it’s completely up to you.

For freelance requirements, we aim to get profiles to you within 48 hours. Obviously this can take a little longer if your searching for a niche skill-set in a challenging location, but we will always be honest with you on projected timelines to help you make informed decisions.

At Upsilon Global, we understand the challenges smaller companies face when looking to grow and expand into new regions, as we’re facing the same challenges ourselves.

Having grown from a 2-person start-up in 2016 to an internal headcount of 21 staff covering recruitment services, operations and finance/payroll, we understand just how important growth is. Moreover, we understand just how important it is to hire the correct person, at the correct time and on the correct contract, as when you’re expanding, there’s always an element of risk, uncertainty or doubt.

By sharing and experiencing many of the same challenges our partners are facing, this helps us to better understand your needs and provide solutions based on real-time experience. At Upsilon, we put long-term collaboration ahead of short-term gain and we aim to build long and successful relationships with all our partners built on trust, communication and reliability.

Since 2016, we’ve provided both permanent and freelance recruitment services across 65 countries and spanning 6 continents, and we’re always open to new challenges in unusual locations.

Our main strengths are providing resources within clinical operations and regulatory affairs, but over the past two years we’ve seen an increase in requests to support recruitment searches within medical affairs and data management/biometrics, as well as C-Suite consultancy positions within start-ups.

Absolutely we can.

A lot of our partners start by using our freelance services to help them establish a presence in new countries or to support expansion into new indications. Once stable, we then help them transition to a more permanent workforce, identifying the right people at the right level to assume responsibility from the freelance consultants, helping to build on their foundations and further consolidating their presence.

We also have a number of different business terms and payment strategies designed to help maximise recruitment budgets when expanding your permanent headcount.

Get in touch to see how Upsilon Global can build a long-term, reciprocal and successful collaboration with your organisation.

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