At Upsilon Global, we are aware of the challenges faced by small CROs when competing with larger competitors at bid-defence stage and have developed a model to enable our CRO partners to obtain access to studies that were previously out of reach to them.
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  • 1. Identifying the requirements
    We identify the needs of the CRO through detailed research, such as: indication, phase, planned countries, number of sites and locations, number of patients, monitoring frequency and planned start date.
  • 2. Tailored approach
    Through our extensive experience and portfolio, we identify and create a tailor made clinical/regulatory team who work on projects at all levels.
  • 3. Comprehensive proposal
    At the RFP stage, we provide a comprehensive presentation outlining the capabilities we offer. The CRO can share this with the Sponsor to showcase their capabilities in running studies.
  • 4. Collaboration
    The collaboration is completely flexible. We can provide experts for all or some of the countries operated in as requested, tailored from the full-time equivalent. Our teams are highly adaptable when studies are extended or cut short.
  • 5. Expand virtually
    Our aim is to enable CROs to expand and gain insight into previously unknown countries and regions by drawing on our local experts for the duration of the study.
  • 6. From study start-up (SSU) to close-out
    The experience, efficiency and know-how of our tailor-made teams provides our CRO partners with a reliable service from SSU to close-out. As a result, study deadlines are met within budget. Highly satisfied Sponsors’ return to us repeatedly.
  • 7. Support the growth
    Upsilon Global supports the growth of the long-term headcount in countries and regions that CROs have not previously operated in, further enhancing the reputation and coverage of the CRO globally.
  • 8. Lower significant risk
    Upsilon Global’s support enables CRO’s to grow significantly over the long-term. Our support also allows CRO’s to say yes to more RFP’s with confidence. Consequently, CROs gain access to a wider range of sponsor’s and potential future investment.

Support from Upsilon Global has led to multiple CRO’s across several continents engaging in profitable acquisitions and mergers, allowing exponential growth and increased revenue streams.

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