We have developed a low-risk model designed to help you rapidly launch operations in new countries and regions through the use of local freelance experts.
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We provide local experts on an interim basis to support feasibility, ethics committee (EC) and regulatory authority (RA) submissions, as well as study launches. This provides a lean and flexible presence in a new territory.

Our model allows you to collect real-time data on the viability and profitability of expansion, without the fixed overheads or risks. With these insights we can help you transition to a permanent workforce, identifying and retaining key hires to consolidate your presence and grow your local team.

With our global operational presence and up-to-date knowledge of local and international regulatory affairs, Upsilon Global provides our partners with a virtual workforce covering six continents. This minimises the traditional risks and costs associated with expanding operations internationally.

Whether you are planning to enter the US market to offer supplementary backup studies to European sponsors, or considering running trials across the MENA region, Upsilon Global can provide a cost-effective means to overcoming entry barriers.

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