Sustainable and cost-effective growth strategies

We partner with companies of all sizes, from smaller sponsors and clinical research organisations (CROs) with single-offices and local consultancies of under 20 staff, to international partners with offices in multiple countries and an extended, virtual workforce of several hundred employees.


The most common issues for all the businesses we talk to is understanding how they can expand. Irrespective of the clinical and business objectives, the number one question that always arises is “how can you help us to grow sustainably, cost-effectively and in as risk-averse way as possible?”

At Upsilon Global, we have grown from a two-person start-up in 2016 to an internal headcount of 21 staff covering recruitment services, operations and finance/payroll. We understand how important growth is. Moreover, we understand just how critical it is to hire the right person, at the right time and on the right contract, minimising the elements of risk, uncertainty or doubt. We can help you understand what happens if

  • things do not go to plan and you can no longer afford the person;
  • you do not have as much work for the person as you thought, but do not want to lose them?; and
  • you do not have time to train a junior person but cannot afford the salary of an experienced person.

We often draw on our own experiences to advice our partners. Hiring an experienced freelance consultant with good knowledge of the country/market/therapy area on a flexible hours contract offers you a high level of expertise and local knowledge, while you only pay for what you use. This helps you manage your expenditure and cash-flow as well as being a more efficient use of your time. Fixed-overheads such as office rentals, employer contributions and redundancy issues are also reduced. Furthermore, you have access to real-time feasibility data helping you understand how scalable growth is in this area.

Once you are satisfied that expansion into a new country or field is achievable and you have established a presence and reputation in the area, we can help you transition to a permanent workforce without any disruption to operations. We can identify the right people at the right level to assume responsibility from the freelance consultants, while building on the foundations they have laid and further consolidating your presence.

Most companies will have engaged with staffing agencies in one way or another, but often the experience is negative. Many are found to be too rigid or costly and they rarely replicate or express the values of the company they are recruiting for. At Upsilon Global, we invest in our partners and their vision as much as they invest in us. We share in a common goal of long-term, successful and reciprocal collaboration. To find out how we could help your expansion plans, contact our Sales Director, Zac Beda.

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